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“Chris showed up and did the job with a smile. The price was reasonable and he was efficient. I like that before applying chemicals they try to do something more ecological. Great family-owned Seattle pest control business. Highly recommend.” —Jennifer L

Parker Eco Pest Control

Chris and Wesley Parker

Meet the Parkers

Chris and Wesley Parker protect your home and the planet.
License: 92802 and PARKEEP794CE

Rodent Control

Rats and mice – We’re Seattle’s natural rodent control specialists! Poison-free trapping and sealing up holes is what we do best. Check out our unique offerings including rat birth control, gutter flashing, and trench and screen installations. Inspections are just $99 + tax.

sealing a crawlspace vent in Seattle, Washington

Ant Control

Ants – Odorous house ants (commonly called sugar ants) and pavement ants are all around the Puget Sound. Whether they’re coming from an interior nest in your kitchen wall or from the garden bed we’ve got you covered! Prices start at $149 + tax.

Spraying a patio in Seattle as part of natural ant control

Wasp and Hornet Removal

Wasps & hornets – Yellow jackets, European paper wasps, and bald faced hornets are just a few of the stinging insects in the Seattle area. Our $229 + tax one time services include free follow ups so we’ll get the job done no matter how large the nest is.

A man in an apiary hat for a wasp removal service in Seattle

Spider Service

Spiders – We’ll knock down webs and treat the interior and exterior of your home or business. We can also offer helpful tips for reducing spider activity in your home like closing your curtains at night to prevent attracting insects to your windows. Prices start at $149 + tax.

A man removing spider webs in Seattle


Our services start at $99. View a list of our prices for eco pest control services on our services and prices page. Please keep in mind that these prices may change based on the size of your home, the type of pest solutions we use, and lots of other factors.

Seattle to Bellingham Service Area

As a Seattle pest control business we’re based in Phinney Ridge. We serve as far North as Marysville, East to Sammamish, and to the South Seattle limits.

Bellingham Pest Control

Isaiah, our longest standing technician, is now serving his neighbors’ Bellingham pest control needs. Trust us, he rocks.

Bellevue Pest Control

The east side is densifying and the need for pest control in Bellevue is growing with it!

Bothell Pest Control

Whether it’s a single family home or part of an HOA, we can help with your Bothell pest control needs.

Bier Pest Control

Brier rodent control and insect control is available right smack in the middle of our service area.

Cottage Lake Pest Control

We service certain parts of Cottage Lake for pest control, mainly those properties within the zip codes 98072 and 98296.

Edmonds Pest Control

We service the charming city of Edmonds for pest control and rodent control. Woodway too!

Everett Pest Control

Did you know the Parkers live in Snohomish County? Call your neighbors for insect and rodent control in Everett.

Issaquah Pest Control

Issaquah has a little bit of everything from large homes, to warehouses, and even some farms. If you need eco-friendly pest control in Issaquah look no further!

Kenmore Pest Control

Water views and lush landscapes attract rats, mice, spiders and ants. We can handle that and more for your Kenmore pest control needs!

Kirkland Pest Control

We offer pest control in Kirkland for townhomes, single family homes, and apartments and commercial spaces.

Lake Stevens Pest Control

Our pest control service in Lake Stevens is usually for single family homes. We can help with rats, mice, ants, and more.

Lynnwood Pest Control

Ants, rodents, or something else bugging you? Call us for Lynnwood pest control.

Marysville Pest Control

Homes and businesses in Marysville tend to be newer but that doesn’t always mean they are less vulnerable to pest infestations. We can help with pest control in Marysville no matter the age of your structure.

Medina Pest Control

The Medina pest control calls we get are almost always for single family homes. We can help with ants, rodents and more!

Mercer Island Pest Control

Nobody is safe from pests, even on an island! We service Mercer Island for pest control and rodent control.

Mill Creek Pest Control

Ants, rodents, or something else bugging you? Call us for Mill Creek pest control.

Mountlake Terrace Pest Control

Nestled right in the heart of our service area, we can help with all your Mountlake Terrace pest control needs.

Mukilteo Pest Control

Waterfront views bring waterfront pests! Abundant food and shelter lead to higher levels of rodent activity and lots of calls for Mukilteo rodent control.

Redmond Pest Control

Redmond is home to wide open spaces and lots of pests! Call us for natural rodent and ant control in Redmond.

Sammamish Pest Control

Lakefront homes mean lakefront pests. We can help with all types of pest control in Sammamish.

Shoreline Pest Control

We aim to offer the best pest control Shoreline has to offer. Call us for rodent control, natural ant control, spider service and more!

Snohomish Pest Control

Quaint downtown buildings and historic homes can be magnets for pests in Snohomish. We can help with ant and rodent control in Snohomish!

Woodinville Pest Control

Farms, barns, and single family homes are all targets for pests in Woodinville. We can help with all your Woodinville pest control needs!

Why choose poison-free rodent control?

Most exterminators will try to sell you on using rodenticide (rat poison) because it’s cheap and easy to deploy. We find this approach problematic for several reasons. First off, rat poison kills more than just rats! It travels up the food chain when owls, raccoons, and other predators eat rats that have consumed poison. In addition to the environmental concerns, we often find that rats who consume rodenticide die in your walls or crawl space insulation. Locating and removing the carcasses can be costly and nearly impossible depending on where they die. This leaves you with a dreadful smell for days or weeks. There is also a growing resistance to rodenticide in certain areas leading to a “rebound effect” in the rat population. In short, rat poison is not environmentally friendly, leaves dead animals in your walls, and becomes less effective over time.

What does natural rodent control mean?

Sealing off holes to keep rodents out is the gold standard for poison-free rodent control. Exterminators call this “exclusion” since you’re physically excluding them from a structure. This is often paired with trapping. We recommend large, reusable plastic T Rex traps as the most effective and humane trapping solution. We use these methods as part of our 3 Visit Plan for rodent control.

How do you control exterior rodents without poison?

Parker Eco Pest Control is proud to be one of the first companies in the nation to offer rat birth control in Seattle and the surroundings areas. ContraPest is a liquid that we deploy in tanks outside your home or business. Rats drink the product and become infertile after several months. The effect isn’t immediate but we’ve been impressed with the lab data and our own field tests, both showing population reductions of over 90% within the first year. Best of all, the product is digested into inert byproducts, meaning it won’t harm birds of prey and other animals that eat rodents.