The typical wasps and hornets found in the Pacific Northwest are Yellow Jackets, Paper Wasps, Mud Daubers, and Honey Bees. For the most part, these insects are considered highly beneficial as they prey on other nuisance pests and are active pollinators. Sadly these insects can become a serious problem when they nest too close for comfort. Removing the nests yourself can be a dangerous task without the proper equipment.


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How we control wasps and hornets

Our eco pest control approach

  • Physical removing nests when possible
  • Placing traps around nuisance areas
  • Insecticides are commonly used on nests and can be very effective when out of reach, in the ground, or in walls.

What you can do to control wasps and hornets

  • Cover garbage cans.
  • Keep areas free of exposed foods.
  • Yellow Jackets and Paper Wasps overwinter as female queens and hives tend to swarm in fall as their populations begin to die off. Be sure to remove any existing nests during winter months while the nests are empty to avoid other pests that feed and live in these nests, such as carpet beetles.