Rat abatements are now required before demolition in Seattle, Kirkland, and Shoreline. Parker Eco Pest Control is the leading provider of abatements in the Puget Sound. We’ll keep your project on track!



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Seattle Rat Abatement FAQ

What is the process for a rat abatement in Seattle?

A rat abatement consists of 2 to 3 visits depending on how far out the demolition is. First we come out to inspect and lay traps/baits. We give you the required paperwork to get a demolition permit.  After checking the baits/traps we issue your Rat Abatement Certification digitally and you present it to the inspector during the ground disturbance inspection. We return after demo to collect our equipment.

What if I don’t know my demo date?

An estimate is fine. We can begin the abatement immediately without an end date.

What paperwork does the City of Seattle require for a rat abatement?

SDCI requires two documents to keep your project on track; one at the beginning and one at the end.

  1. The first document is a “Rat Abatement Declaration” which says that you will get an abatement on the property and follow all the rules. The Declaration is needed for your demolition permit.
  2. The second document is a “Rat Abatement Certification” that certifies the abatement was carried out in accordance with the law. This form is emailed to you after we’ve met the City’s minimum requirements and been paid in full.

What should I do with my Rat Abatement Certification?

You’ll receive a digital copy from our office. Some inspectors request a PDF via email and some prefer a hard copy. Have both ready at the ground disturbance inspection and on demolition day.

What if my demo date changes after you issued the Rat Abatement Certification?

If your demo date moves out by more than 48 hours we need to revisit the property, set up our equipment again, then reissue the Certification on your new demo date. There is an additional fee of $129.00 for our time. The inspector has final authority in deciding if your outdated certificate is valid.

What if I’m demolishing two or more adjacent properties?

The process is the same regardless of how many lots make up the job site. Parker Eco Pest Control may charge an additional fee for time and materials depending on the size and complexity of the properties. A Rat Abatement Certification must be issued for each address.

When should I begin the abatement process?

The City of Seattle requires that you begin the abatement at least 15 days before demolition and continue that abatement up until demo day.

Can the rat abatement requirement be waived if my property doesn’t have rodents?

As of February 2019 the rat abatement requirement can no longer be waived in the City of Seattle.

How much does a rat abatement cost?

The standard cost is $399 for doing the abatement and issuing the paperwork necessary for permitting. Large and complex properties can incur additional charges for time and materials. You may also be charged $129.00 if your demolition date changes after we’ve already issued the final Rat Abatement Certification since we’ll need to re-establish the abatement and reissue the paperwork.

Shoreline and Kirkland Rat Abatements

The rat abatement process in Shoreline and Kirkland is very similar to that in Seattle. As of March 2019, the City of Shoreline still allows the abatement requirement to be waived so long as it is supported by a written recommendation from a licensed pest control company. The City of Kirkland does not allow the requirement to be waived.

The paperwork requirements are also slightly different compared to Seattle. We’d be happy to help!