Just like people, pests love food. As a family owned business we understand that your reputation is everything. Keeping your restaurant clean and safe is paramount. That’s why we use the greenest and methods possible to treat your pest problems. We handle:

  • Rats and mice
  • Ants
  • Flies
  • And more


Eco pest control prices for restaurants start at $159 but services differ in price and duration depending on your exact needs. While some pest problems can be resolved in a single visit, certain pests like rats and mice require multiple visits. We’ll never sell you on a treatment plan you don’t need, but we can offer discounts of 20% or more if a quarterly service is the right fit.

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Our eco pest control approach

No matter what type of pest you’re dealing with, we’ll bring a combination of expert techniques and education. Sometimes there are simple changes you can make in your business to prevent future problems. We always recommend behavioral changes over using chemicals, especially in a restaurant setting.

Rats and Mice in Restaurants

The best defense against rats and mice is a combination of exclusion methods (keeping them out) and setting traps.

  • We conduct an exterior inspection to see where they are getting in the structure.
  • We seal up any holes greater than ¼ inch with sealants, foam or other materials.
  • We remove anything that might be attracting them to the property.
  • We place traps in appropriate places.
  • We discourage the use poisonous rodent baits unlike most pest control companies. These can be dangerous if not placed and monitored properly. Poisons also take a long time to kill the animals which means they can die your business’s walls. Lastly, the poison enters the food chain and can impact local cats, birds and other animals who eat the rodents.

Ants in Restaurants

  • Identification is key since control measures will differ from species to species.
  • We provide a full inspection to check for entry points and exclude the ants by sealing cracks, crevices, windows and doorways.
  • We destroy any visible nests or trails.
  • We typically apply a perimeter application of a non-toxic powder which provides a residual effect.
  • We apply spot treatments to nests.
  • When necessary, we place baits in strategic locations to avoid contact with people and eating areas while killing the largest number of ants.
  • In some cases the nests are located outside your property which makes eliminating them difficult. For stubborn situations we recommend our quarterly service.