Do you own or manage rental properties? Whether you’re a large corporation or a family owned business like us, we’ll craft a green solution for your pest problems. We’ve worked with landlords in both residential and commercial settings so we understand the importance of:

  • Being honest about our services. We’ll never sell you something you don’t need.
  • Offering online invoicing and payment options.
  • Treating your tenants with respect.
  • Communicating so you understand what’s going on at your property.


Eco pest control prices start at $159 but services differ in price and duration depending on your exact needs. While some pest problems can be resolved in a single visit, certain pests like rats and mice require multiple visits. We’ll never sell you on a treatment plan you don’t need, but we can offer discounts of 20% or more if a quarterly service is the right fit.

Call or email us for a quote.