We are proud to provide the best pest control on Mercer Island. The team at Parker Eco Pest Control is here to help you learn about eco-friendly pest control solutions. We’re all about being green, safe, and effective! So, talk to us today to learn more about eco-friendly pest control on Mercer Island. 

Is your home starting to become uninviting for you and your guests due to pests crawling around? Are your personal belongings becoming damaged due to rats or termites? Are you looking for the best eco-friendly pest control in Mercer Island, WA? 

Worry no more, as we will be answering all these questions you have and providing you with one easy solution. So, what are you waiting for? Read on!

Find the Best Pest Control in Mercer Island, WA

eco friendly pest control on mercer island, wa
The best pest control on Mercer Island is eco!

You might need to get in touch with a pest control business if a pest infestation becomes unmanageable. Whether you are new to Mercer Island, WA, or have been here for a long time, you should still ensure that you choose the best pest control within your area. 

Whenever you feel the need for expert intervention when it comes to managing pest infestations, don’t hesitate to contact Parker Eco Pest Control, the best pest control in Mercer Island, WA, and the neighboring areas from Lake Stevens to Mercer Island. 

They can provide you with eco-friendly pest control in Mercer Island, WA. Eco-friendly pest control is one of the popular methods of controlling pest infestations like insects and rodents. 

Eco Friendly Pest Control in Mercer Island

Mercer Island, which is located east of Seattle along Lake Washington, provides the best of both worlds for its locals and innumerable visitors. This island city offers relaxing escapes from the busyness of the Emerald City, including lovely walks along the shore at Luther Burbank Park and music festivals among the lovely trees in Mercerdale Park. 

Pests are one issue you can’t avoid on Mercer Island, even though it’s far from downtown Seattle. Homeowners and entrepreneurs on this lovely island fight to keep these unwelcome invaders out, from rats to roaches to bed bugs. 

It’s a good thing Parker Eco Pest Control extended its services and offers the best eco friendly pest control in Mercer Island, WA, and helps the locals and tourists enjoy the island city without the pests bothering you. The company focuses on natural pest control to ensure the safety of the people, the wildlife within Mercer Island, and the environment.

Mercer Island Natural Rodent Control

big brown rat in the kitchen, rat exterminator mercer island

Parker Eco Pest Control provides natural rodent control solutions to help you get on top of your rodent infestation. 

If you are living on Mercer Island and are having a problem with rats and mice, you should contact Parker Eco Pest Control as soon as possible so that they can assess your area and provide you with the best poison free rodent control plan. 

You will never have to worry about rats and mice running around your home, eating your food and damaging your personal belongings. Start planning your pest control solutions with Parker Eco Pest and you will reclaim your home from these pests who have lived and multiplied in it.

Rat Birth Control: Now Available Throughout Washington

One approach for pest control management in Mercer Island is rat birth control. Like all other female mammals, rats have a set number of eggs when they are born. In order to kill female rats’ immature ovarian follicles, which each carry one egg, ContraPest injects them with a substance called 4-vinylcyclohexene diepoxide (VCD). 

With the Contrapest rat birth control method, you will never worry that the rodents will be harmed. The chemical used in Contrapest is non-toxic and safe for all animals, including rodents and even your pets and wildlife. 

VCD speeds up the naturally occurring phase of ovarian follicle degeneration, which happens gradually in all female mammals. Male rats with VCD will produce fewer sperm, although the impairment is reversible. 

In rats, ContraPest is approximately 90% effective against pregnancies, and in rats, it loses its effectiveness after around 100 days.

Organic Insect Exterminators

exterminator exterminating insects at Mercer Island

The Parker Eco Pest Control team is also known as an organic insect exterminator in Washington State. They offer an all-natural, organic, and vegan way to manage different types of pest infestations. 

Every infestation of pests, whether it occurs in your home, apartment, or place of business, presents its own difficulties. A tailored, organic pest management strategy is available from Parker Eco Pest Control to meet your specific requirements. 

Wasp and Hornet Removal Mercer Island

Aside from rodent infestation, Parker Eco Pest Control also caters to wasp and hornet infestations throughout the State of Washington. Like any other insects, wasps and hornets can be very inconvenient if they choose to create their hive in your home. 

Because of the hornet’s huge size and ability to inject more venom using its sting, hornet stings are more lethal than wasp and bee stings. They are reported to sting more frequently than any other stinging insect and to deliver more poison. 

So, if you notice a wasp or hornet infestation in your home, contact Parker Eco Pest immediately so that they can remove the hive that could put your family in danger. 

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