We’re thrilled to offer a new eco-friendly approach to exterior rodent control, rat birth control. ContraPest rodent fertility control is a liquid tank that can be installed on your property and replaced monthly for long-lasting results. It’s humane, non-lethal, poison-free, and is proven to reduce rodent populations by over 90% in the first year.


$159 per month

Price also includes service for most insects!
One station covers up to 15,000 square feet. Additional stations are $50 per month. Requires a one year contract.

ContraPest rat birth control FAQs

ContraPest – The rat contraceptive you need!

What’s in ContraPest?

ContraPest is a liquid fertility control bait. The active ingredients are VCD and triptolide. VCD is an inorganic compound and triptolide is a product extracted from the thunder god vine (Tripterygium wilfordii). Rodents who consume ContraPest become “reversibly infertile” much like human birth control pills.

Is it safe for birds of prey and other wildlife?

Yes. ContraPest is digested into inert byproducts in the rodent’s liver so it does not harm predators who eat the rodents.

How fast does it start working?

You should expect to wait about 70 days before rodents become infertile.

Why does it require an annual contract?

ContraPest takes a while to start working so it doesn’t make sense to sell it without recurring service. Rodents will become infertile after about 70 days and they will become fertile again if they stop consuming the product.

Is it safe around pets and kids?

Yes, when used properly. The liquid is enclosed in a tamper resistant box to protect kids and pets. It’s thought to cause mild skin irritation to humans and may cause transient infertility in small mammals if ingested in large enough quantities. Read the safety and data sheet for more information.

How effective is it?

Very! As a company we were skeptical of ContraPest. The claims were pretty incredible so we decided to try it out. After a seven month trial we saw a 91% reduction in the rodent population at our test site. We became believers and decided to start offering it to our customers.

Why is it so expensive?

The active ingredient is pharmaceutical grade triptolide which is very pricey. ContraPest is about seven times more expensive than traditional rat poison.

Can I split the cost with my neighbors?

Sure! Since one station covers up to 15,000 square feet its likely that you’ll be helping out several neighbors when you use ContraPest on your property. Please note that while you can choose to collect money from your neighbors, we can only bill one person for the contract. We tried splitting bills and it gets far too complicated for our office to manage!

Is rat birth control available for restaurants and commercial spaces?

Yes! ContraPest is exceptionally tasty for rats, making it a great alternative to poison in situations where competing food sources can’t be eliminated. Open dumpsters, food scraps, etc. often draw rodents away from poison bait which reduces their effectiveness. Set up an inspection and we’ll see if your retail store, warehouse, or food facility is a good fit for rat birth control.

Why choose birth control over poison?

Eco-Friendly Pest Control: What’s the Deal with Rat Birth Control?

Did you know that a single female rat can produce up to 15,000 little pups in her lifetime. Not to mention, these pesky little creatures have a short gestation period averaging three weeks—now that’s a lot of rats!

Addressing the rodent control dilemma has been a long-time issue faced by homeowners and business owners. Traditional rodent control methods in Seattle include a reactive approach— rat bait, live traps, and rodent-proofing your home. Now, these traditional rodent control methods do indeed work well, but they come with their set of flaws. 

  1. Rodenticide kills more than just rats: Birds of prey, raccoons, and neighborhood cats can all be impacted by secondary poisoning.
  2. Rodents can die in walls:  Rodenticide kills rodents effectively but you cannot control where they die. They may crawl into your insulation or wall voids to decompose.
  3. Ethical considerations:  When a rat consumes rat poison, they gradually experience a wide range of symptoms, including internal hemorrhaging, seizures, weakness, and difficult breathing. 

ContraPest is an innovative non-toxic liquid-based birth control formulated to reduce fertility and reproduction rates in rats. In addition, this ingenious rodent contraceptive induces reversible infertility, actively reducing Seattle’s local rodent population.

Key Benefits to Rodent Birth control. 

Ever heard of the phrase work smarter, not harder?

  • It’s a sweet-tasting treat: Bait aversion is a common problem amongst the Seattle rat population. ContraPest birth control formula is a sweet-tasting solution that reduces bait aversion.
  • Keep your pets safe: The ContraPest rodent birth control is a non-toxic solution, so you won’t have to worry about your dog or cat getting ill.
  • A bang for your buck! ContraPest can effectively reduce the rodent population in your area by up to 95% when used correctly. 

So, does rodent birth control work?

Although it does not appear to cause permanent sterility, recent studies show that ContraPest can reduce local rodent activity by 95%. In addition, another study demonstrated that ContraPest rat birth control successfully decreased the seasonal rodent population peak by 67% after 133 days of baiting.

Birth Control for Rats: How Does it Even Work?

Now we know what you’re thinking—how does birth control for rats even work?

ContraPest contains two ingredients that work in synergy to reduce fertility and reproduction rates in rats and mice. Let’s break it down!

Ingredient #1) 4- vinylcyclohexene diepoxide aka VCD 

VCD plays a role in follicular growth and development. It appears to interfere in the ovulatory cycle by destroying primordial follicles, ceasing ovulation.

Ingredient #2) Triptolide

Derived from the Chinese medicinal plant Tripterygium wilfordii, Triptolide inhibits follicular growth and spermatogenesis (sperm production in the testes).

Parker Eco Pest Control: Organic Rodent Control Just Got Easier! 

Rats and mice, watch out! Natural rodent control in Seattle just got a whole lot easier.