We are proud to offer the best pest control in Lake Stevens, Washington. Our goal is to deliver safe, effective, eco-friendly solutions to your pest problems.

Pest management offers a defense against dangerous insects that could endanger public health and result in expensive property damage. When people hear the terms “pest management” or “pest control,” they frequently picture eliminating fleas, spiders, or roaches.

In reality, pest management affects the security of our food, our health, and the preservation of our property. For the general public’s protection, a system of pest management is essential. So, it is best that you look for the best pest control in your area the moment you realize you have a pest infestation.

Find the Best Pest Control in Lake Stevens, WA

If you have been experiencing rodent infestation on your property in Lake Stevens, WA, you should start looking for the best eco friendly pest control in Lake Stevens, WA that can provide you with safe and effective pest control solutions. 

One of the most popular pest control methods nowadays is eco-friendly pest control. By using this strategy to manage pests, especially rodents, inside your property, you can be assured that you, your pet, and your family will be safe throughout the process. 

Eco-Friendly Pest Control in Lake Stevens

If you are currently in search of the best pest control in Lake Stevens, WA, look no further as Parker Eco Pest offers the best eco-friendly pest control approach that is safe yet very effective in controlling pest infestation.

The eco-friendly pest control approach is the new way of handling pest infestations. The reason behind its popularity is that it doesn’t only help in managing pests but also ensures that the environment won’t be harmed as well as other living creatures around it.

Lake Stevens Natural Rodent Control

rats in the kitchen, pest control in lake stevens, wa
we offer natural rodent control in Lake Stevens, WA

The most common pest that many communities face around the world is a rodent. However, despite how much inconvenience they provide to our lives, it is still best that we get rid of them the natural way.

There are so many ways that you can get rid of rodents that have been pestering your property. You can opt for the catch and release method, where the pest control experts catch the rodents and release them to the wild far away from communities. This approach ensures that the rodent problem is dealt with without harming anything.

The next method is rat birth control. You read it right! There is a birth control method used in controlling the reproduction of rodents and decreasing their number. Let’s discuss this natural rodent control further. 

Rat Birth Control: Now Available Throughout Eastside Washington

Rat birth control is a chemical that is given to rodents in liquid form to stop their reproductive functions. As a result, rodents won’t multiply quickly. A rat birth control method is said to be 90% effective in controlling the rodent population.

However, the effect of the rat birth control product only lasts for 100 days. That is why you should continuously treat your home with the rat contraceptive to ensure that they won’t reproduce after 100 days from their initial consumption of the said product.

Wasp and Hornet Removal Lake Stevens

wasp nest removal in lake stevens, wa

Aside from rodent infestation, Parker Eco Pest also provides natural pest control for wasp and hornet infestations in your home. You have to understand that wasps, especially hornets, pose a great risk to your family.

The typical hornet may sting numerous times and has venom that is far more potent than that of other species. These stings might possibly be lethal for some victims. Therefore, it is best that you get rid of them as soon as you find them on your property.

However, even though these creatures are dangerous and considered a nuisance, it is still crucial that we ensure they won’t get hurt during the extraction. So, Parker eco friendly pest control in Lake Stevens, WA uses natural pest control to get rid of any wasps and hornets.

Parker Eco Pest Control| Providing Natural Pest Control Solutions Eastside Washington 

Due to the approach they use, Parker Eco Pest Control, which is the best eco friendly pest control in Lake Stevens, WA is the go-to pest management company in Lake Stevens and in other parts of Washington due to the approach they use. They ensure that they won’t harm the creature that is bothering you as well as other wildlife within the vicinity.

Their method also ensures that pets, plants, and humans living within the property where the infestation occurs will be safe and healthy throughout the pest management process. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Parker Eco Pest now and let them do the work for you.