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Winter Pests in The Seattle Region

Common winter pests in Seattle that could plague your home include rodents, spiders, and ants. The first step in eliminating these creatures is knowing what you’re dealing with. 

When winter hits, many pests hibernate, much like humans, but this does not mean they aren’t around. 

Keep reading to learn the most common winter pests in Seattle and tips from Parker Eco Pest Control to help you deal with them. 

We will also drop a brief section on common winter bugs in Seattle. So, read on

3 Common Winter Pests in Seattle

The last thing you want as a homeowner is a rat or mouse cozying up with you in the space you share with your family. 

We have accumulated a list of three common winter pests in Seattle and tips on preventing them from getting into your home.

Rats and Mice Make Their Way into Your Home

rats and mice are a common problem in winter

Whether rodents love the company of humans or they just want food and a warm place to call home as winter hits; they can be a big menace. 

Rats and mice target garage spaces and outdoor trash cans as the first point of entry. Thanks to their sharp teeth and hard work, they will quickly chew through roofing tiles to find their way into your home or commercial property.

Once they are inside, they will wreak havoc on your property. Many homeowners take a while to notice rats and mice on their property because they are nocturnal.

If you suspect a rodent infestation in your home, look for typical signs such as chewed-through pantry items or droppings.

If you’re bold, you can inspect your attic or crawlspace with a flashlight. But there is only so much you can do to get rid of these creatures as a homeowner. Sometimes you have to call in a professional.

This is where professional pest control companies come in. While Parker Eco Pest Control isn’t the biggest company in the Pacific Northwest, we like to think we’re the best pest control company in Seattle and the surrounding areas.

You can keep these creatures away by cleaning your space and sealing your home up tightly. Additional strategies include keeping your outdoor space in good and clean condition. We recommend clearing a 1 foot pathway around the perimeter of your home to make it less attractive to rodents.

Keep Rats out for Good with Eco-friendly Rodent Control

Most pest control companies don’t want to talk about the elephant in the room: rat poison. It’s usually called rodenticide. We’ve heard companies claim it’s safe for the environment. It’s not! We’ve heard companies claim the rats will seek water and die outside your home. They wont!

Parker Eco Pest Control relies on physical trapping, sealing up holes to keep rats out, and ContraPest rat birth control to provide natural rodent control in Seattle.

ContraPest rodent fertility control is a humane, non-poisonous liquid tank that can be installed on your property. It is confirmed to reduce rodent infestations by over 90% within the first year of use.

Homeowners can also rely on ammonia and vinegar spray for eco-friendly pest control. The smell of ammonia is like a predator’s urine, which explains why rodents hate it. This can work for a short period of time but rodents can become used to the smell and reenter the area.

Don’t hesitate to call us for rat birth control — now available in Seattle and the surrounding areas.

Ant Infestations Can Be Common in Winter!

ants infesting a home in seattle

Traditional odorous house ants will always be around if the food is in your home or on commercial property. These critters are attracted to leftover crumbs and come in big numbers.

The best time to stop an ant problem is early! Colonies grow exponentially, meaning the longer you put it off, the bigger the problem becomes. Ant activity in the winter is almost always due to an ant nest inside a wall or attic. We call these cavity nests because they’re inside your wall cavities and very difficult to reach.

To combat cavity ant nests we primarily use bait. Ants will find the bait and take it back to the nest for us, meaning there is no need to punch holes in your wall and find the nest. Need an ant exterminator in Seattle then reach out to the team today!

Spider Infestations Can Be Common in Seattle Too!

spiders on spider webs washington, seattle

These cold-blooded creatures can withstand cooler temperatures, enabling them to thrive in winter. Spiders are not big fans of human settlements. Seeing them in your home or commercial property means they have been there for a while.

Non-venomous spiders are harmless but can unsettle when they come in big numbers. They thrive in quiet and dark places.

To prevent a spider infestation, regularly vacuum your home and tidy your attics.

Parker Eco Pest Control: 5 Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Home This Winter

Parker Eco Pest Control has vast experience delivering eco-friendly pest control services to property owners in Seattle. 

We’ve been in business since 2016 and have accumulated some great tips for home owners:

  1. Insulate Naked Piping

Pests, especially bugs, can use a single crack in your pipes as entry points to your homes. These creatures are very communal, so before you know it, there will be an entire colony of bugs or ants co-living with your family.

You can stop this party before it begins by insulating exposed piping.

  1. Keep Food In Sealed And Airtight Containers

Crumbs left on the kitchen table or the living room floor are an invitation to pests, particularly ants. You can prevent this by cleaning up after eating and keeping all your food in airtight containers.

  1. Seal Crannies And Cracks

You can also prevent pest infestation by sealing crannies, nooks, and cracks. You should ensure that the sealing material is of good quality to make it last.

  1. Check Roof And Gutters

Roofs and gutters can also serve as entry points for pests. You can prevent this by sealing the cracks and crevices in your roofs and gutters. If you need more clarification about your sealing skills, you can leverage the services of a professional.

  1. Keep Your Yard Tidy

To keep bugs away from your home, eliminate all wood-to-soil contact surrounding your home. You should also ensure that firewood and other wood debris are not piled up directly against your house. We recommend clearing a 1 foot perimeter to make your home less attractive to rats and mice.

So, Is It Worth Paying for Pest Control? 

rats are a winter pests in seattle

Ideally, professional exterminating provides faster and more effective results than the do-it-yourself (DIY) method. Identifying pest problems early and eliminating them faster will only save you from damage. 

Cost Of Pest Control In Seattle

An inspection is just $99 and that fee is waived if you proceed with any type of service. Commercial inspections are free and we’ll provide you with a quote the following business day. For reference, our most common rodent plan is $449 and includes 3 visits over 3 weeks to seal holes and trap rodents.

Our unique, fixed price model

Parker Eco Pest Control doesn’t pay our team on commission. Their only incentive if solving the problem, not overstating the problem to scare you into buying service you don’t need.

Need help in preventing pests? Contact Parker Eco Pest Control today for flat rate pricing and the best customer service around. 

3 Must-Try Natural Rodent Control Remedies.

If you’re looking for natural rodent control remedies, look no further. Today, we’ll cover the 3 most common and most effective ways to deal with rodent infestations naturally and safely. 

What Does Natural Rodent Control Mean?

Every pest control company defines natural rodent control a little differently. At Parker Eco Pest Control, we believe that natural pest control must incorporate eco-friendly and ethical strategies to deal with pests of all species. 

Eco-friendly pest control can be defined as:

  • Using products safe for the environment and surrounding wildlife. 
  • Using pest control strategies that work on preventing problems. 
  • Utilizing nature to help deal with unwanted pests.

So, let’s get to the chase, and let’s talk about the 3 must-try natural rodent control remedies you should consider when dealing with a rat infestation in Seattle. 

#1. Rat Birth Control – A Natural Way to Control Rodents in the Neighborhood.

Rat birth control: The long-term solution to decreasing a rodent infestation

It doesn’t matter how many rats you kill with rat bait! At the end of the day, a colony consists of up to a few hundred rats, and it only takes two breeding pairs for the population to flourish. 

This is why we’ve introduced ContraPest rat birth control – Yes, that’s a thing!

Rat birth control comes in a palatable liquid formulation making it a tasty treat for our furry critters. When consumed over a short period, males and females lose their fertility, decreasing their reproduction ability. 

The overall effect: A decrease in the rodent population within your area in a few months. Now, that’s the long-term solution to your problem. 

#2.  Owl Boxes – The Eco-Friendly Pest Control Option. 

Barn owls in Seattle love to prey on rats and mice. It’s a natural rat repellent!

Another popular natural rodent control strategy used amongst the residents of Seattle includes owl boxes. 

Here your natural pest control service provider installs owl boxes or homes at a particular height to increase the owl population in your area.

So, what are the benefits of using owl boxes to control rodents:

  • You introduce a natural predator to keep the rodent population down. 
  • Owls do more than just deal with rats and mice! They can prey on other pests in the area, including various insects and ground moles. 
  • Natural rodent repellent: It’s the all-natural rat repellent you need! Rats and mice learn quickly about predators in the area, so they’ll work to avoid that area. 

If you’re in the Seattle area, talk to the Parker Eco Pest Control team to learn more about using owl boxes to control rats and mice.

#.3  Rat Proof your Home. 

There’s no doubt about it! If you want to get rid of rats from your home, then you’ve got to rat-proof it. 

So, how do you prevent rats from getting into your home? First, it’s important to consider contacting a professional in the field of natural pest control. Professional pest control service providers can help you:

  • Identify & seal potential entry points on the exterior of your home. 
  • Identify the things that keep attracting rats and mice to your home.
  • Help you secure your crawl space and attics from rats and mice. 

Eco-Friendly Rodent Control in Seattle is Just a Call Away.

Natural Rodent Control Seattle

We, the Parker’s, know a thing or two about natural rodent control remedies! In fact, you could call us experts at it. So, talk to us today to learn more about eco-friendly rodent control in Seattle. 

Help, My Neighbors Have a Rat Problem!

So your neighbor has a rat problem and it’s now affecting your home. There’s no doubt about it! A rodent infestation can be challenging, especially when a home is in a dense metropolitan area like Seattle or Bellevue. 

Dealing with a rat problem in your neighborhood doesn’t have to be daunting. So, in this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about addressing the problem with rat birth control in your neighborhood. 

Find the Source to the Rat Problem.


What attracts rats and mice to a home? The answer is simple, an never-ending supply of food.

Rats and mice thrive in an area where they can get an endless food supply. Some things to look out for in the house include:

  • Open pet food. 
  • Garbage cans.
  • Compost bins. 

Some rat attractants in the yard include:

  • Bird feeders.
  • Still water (leaking pipes).
  • Overgrown shrubs (an excellent place for mice and rats to hide).
  • Compost, including pet feces and rotting food. 

Get Help from an Expert in Rodent Control.

If your neighbors have a rat problem, then they’re aware and doing their best to deal with the situation. But unfortunately, mice and rats can spread far and wide, and when you live in a densely populated city like Seattle, controlling a rodent infestation becomes tricky.

Now, you don’t need to jump to an exterminator straight away. But, getting advice from a professional in rodent control can make a huge difference. 


Pest control experts can immediately:

  • Identify the things that attract mice and rats to your home and yard.
  • They can identify the weak points of a home. Once in the yard, rats and mice can quickly enter your home. This is why it’s crucial to find these weak points and secure them appropriately.
  • Pest control experts work with you to create long-term rodent control solutions in your neighborhood. 

Control Rodent Infestations with Birth Control for Rats.


1 + 1 = 100

Now that math might seem silly, but in fact, it’s an actual equation. Two adult rats can produce hundreds of pups over 12 to 18 months. 

Natural rat control in the form of rat traps or rat bait will often address acute infestation. But, rat bait as a solution to long-term rodent control is unrealistic.

You can only kill so many rats till they develop bait aversion. 

So, what is the long-term solution? Well, it’s not rodent extermination, and it’s not even rodent trapping. 

It’s birth control for rats, AKA the best way to deal with a rat problem in your neighborhood.

Rat Birth Control: Ethical, Safe, and Effective.

Rat birth control is available throughout Washington, including major cities like Seattle, Bellevue, Shoreline, and even Everett. 

So, how does birth control for rats work? It’s straightforward.

ContraPest comes in a sweet-tasting liquid formulation. This formulation contains active ingredients called VCD and triptolide that decrease the fertility of both male and female rats over time.

Say bye-bye to the rat problem in your neighborhood!

Control Your Rat Problem Quickly.

It’s an effective solution to keeping the rodent population down over time. We saw a 91% decrease in the rodent population over 7 months. 

I Need Rodent Birth Control in My Neighborhood.

Parker Eco Pest Control provides birth control for rats throughout Seattle, ShorelineEverett, Marysville, and more! 

Dealing with pests, naturally, has never been so easy & effective. 

So, if your neighbors have a rat problem, don’t wait till it gets worse – talk to us today to learn more about birth control for rats in Seattle. 

Is Natural Pest Control Worth It?

We get it! Pest control in Seattle can seem like an expensive investment. 

But, when it comes to addressing a persistent rodent infestation or exterminating a colony of ants, then DIY pest control tactics may not be enough.

So, is natural pest control worth it? The short answer – definitely! And here’s why…

Experts in their Field


Pest control management in Seattle will require a wholesome approach. This means that an exterminator will look at all aspects of pest management, including:

  • Addressing the acute problem: We will develop the most effective tactic to get rid of rats, and mice fast.
  • Developing a proactive approach: We believe that effective long-term prevention is essential to maintaining a pest-free home at Parker Eco Pest Control.

We work with you to determine what factors may attract mice, rats, and other pests to your home. Check out our article to learn about the 3 things that attract ants to a house in Seattle.

Eco-Friendly Options that Keep Your Family Safe

Rat bait and insecticides used to deal with pests can be toxic to the environment and our furry friends. But, choosing eco-friendly pest management reduces the risk of environmental contamination, keeping your pets safe from poisonous substances.

It’s Not As Expensive As You May Think

Natural Rodent Control Seattle

To understand the importance of hiring a professional exterminator, let’s look at one of the most common pests in Seattle – rodents.

You’d be right in thinking that rat bait, something so readily available, would deal with the rodent problem in your home but will not address the big picture.

In a colony of a few hundred, rat bait may kill anywhere from 5% to 10% of rats. But, of course, this depends on a few factors, including how much bait is on your property and bait shyness. 

As you can see, rat poison relies solely on mice & rats consuming the poison. Over time, they may learn the adverse effects and develop bait aversion. 

Over time, you’ll find that rat bait is no longer as efficient as killing mice as you thought. 

When you choose to go with a professional pest control company in Seattle, you’ll be saving time and money. 


Our team at Parker Eco Pest control are expert in pest control in Seattle. We not only deal with the pest infestation at hand, but we can also provide quarterly services to manage any pest problem you may have. 

Save your time, save some money, and keep your family safe and healthy with Parker Eco Pest Control. 

The 3 Things That Attract Ants to a Home!

So, you’ve got an ant problem in your house and don’t know where to start?

Ants are genuinely a nuisance! And these are the kind of pests that simply attract more unwanted pests. But, when dealing with an ant infestation in Seattle, WA. Homeowners need to understand the factors that attract ants to a home. 

Today we’ll not only discuss the 3 things that attract ants to your home but how you can go about getting rid of them.

What are the Tiny Little Ants in My House?

Ant-infestations in the Seattle region are a common problem many homeowners may face. But, before you begin the process of extermination, it’s vital to learn about the species of ant invading your home and the key factors that keep them coming back. 

  1. Sugar ants: Sugar ants, aka the banded sugar ant, is a species most attracted to a sweet food source. Now, sugar ants aren’t just attracted to a sweet trail of breadcrumbs. They love anything sweet! Including budding peonies and roses. 
  2. Carpenter ants: Carpenter ants build nests in damp conditions. And, as their name suggests, these tiny ants appear to have an affinity for dead or decaying wood. 

So, What Attracts Ants to Your Home

When dealing with an ant infestation in Seattle, we recommend reaching out to your local ant exterminators. This is the behavior, and biology will vary from species to species. 

But, as a general rule of thumb: regardless of species, most tiny ants and carpenter ants are attracted to warm and humid conditions and a viable food source.

3 Things That Will Attract Ants to Your Home

House ants are a nuisance, and when you’re trying to figure out how to get rid of ants, things get tricky!

At Parker Eco Pest Control, we believe that a preventative approach will be better than a reactive one.  

So, before you attempt to get rid of those cheeky sugar ants, it’s essential to ask yourself, what are ants attracted to?

#1. Yes, Sugar Trails Attract Sugar Ants


Just like most pests in Seattle, tiny ants like sugar ants seek a food source to keep their colony thriving. 

And, as their name suggests, sugar ants are the type of ants most attracted to a sweet food source. These can include honey, sugar crumbs, spilled juice, and even fruit. 

To keep close to their sweet treat, these tiny ants will create nests within the walls and flooring of your home. 

When a viable food source has been found, sugar ants leave a pheromone trail that allows other worker ants to locate the source.

#2. Are Ants Attracted to Water? Heck, Yes!

They’re just like any other living creature! Leaky pipes, water heaters, or indoor house plants are all water sources ants are attracted to . 

Sugar ants prefer a water source close to their food. In contrast, carpenter ants prefer damp and moist conditions for building nests. 

When it comes to keeping ants out of the home, it’s essential to understand the biology of the species of ant infesting your home. Keeping your kitchen area clean and ensuring all cracks or pipes are sealed will help keep your home safe from ants. 

Are Ants Attracted to Heat?

One of the most important environmental factors that attract ants to a home is a heat source. As mentioned above, ants love warm, sheltered, and humid conditions. They rely on such conditions to build nests and colonies.  

So, what are some sources of heat that could be attracting ants to your home?

Underfloor heating, heated toilets, modems, and other electrical appliances attract ants to a home. 

But, it doesn’t stop there! Tiny ants and carpenter ants also appear to have an affinity for electrical appliances.  

So, why are ants attracted to electricity? 

We don’t actually know the exact reasoning as to why electricity attracts ants. However, one proposed theory appears to be related to heat signature: electrical currents release heat, creating a warm climate, perfect for ants seeking shelter during the winter months. 

Another theory proposed by entomologist Dr. Brad Vinson has to do with pheromones. Remember, ants can communicate and follow each other’s trails through pheromones. 

Dr. Brad Vinson theorizes that ants, particularly fire ants, have an affinity for electricity as it increases their chances of receiving a shock. And, when an ant is shocked, it releases pheromones, signaling other colony members to follow in pursuit. 

Ants in House? Don’t Panic! Parker Eco Pest Control is Here in Seattle.

Pest control technician extermination ant trail, ant control services in Shoreline Washington

Dealing with an ant infestation is undoubtedly not an easy job. While setting up ant baits and killing an active trail may work initially, it does not address the main problem.

But, when dealing with an ant infestation in Seattle, we at Parker Eco Pest Control have got you covered. 

Our team of experts works one-on-one with homeowners to determine the source of the ant infestation and how we can control them naturally. So, talk to us today to learn more about natural and eco-friendly ant control in Seattle. 

3 Things You Need to Know About ContraPest: The Birth Control for Rats 

Eliminating a local rodent infestation is undoubtedly no easy job! Why? These tiny little critters breed fast, and although rat bait works to reduce rodent numbers immediately, it doesn’t address the long-term problem.

It’s time to talk about birth control for rats, and yes, that’s a thing!

We get it! It can be pretty tricky to get rid of rats and mice. And these days, more homeowners are interested in learning about long-term rodent control options. 

So, how do we help you get rid of your rat infestation? Let’s talk about ContraPest—the birth control for rats making headlines. 

#1. Will, the ContraPest Rat Birth Control, Reduce the Rodent Population…Yes!

ContraPest rat birth control is a sweet liquid formulation designed to reduce the rodent population over time. It contains two ingredients, 4-vinylcyclohexene diepoxide (VCD) and triptolide, which eliminate immature ovarian follicles, prevent sperm maturation and reduce sperm motility. 

To ensure its safety and efficacy, the Parker Eco Pest Control team conducted a seven-month trial on a test site. The results were astonishing! ContraPest was able to reduce the rodent population by up to 91%. 

#2. Let’s Talk About the Rebound Effect 

Poison and traps are a great way to get rid of rats fast, but it also comes with their fair share of drawbacks.

Rat poison addresses the acute problem, and it relies solely upon rats consuming rat bait to meet their defeat. So, initially, it may reduce the rat infestation problem, but it won’t do much over time.

So, why is rat bait not effective in the long run? Well, the answer is simple, rats multiply quickly. 

So, let’s look at an example…

A local colony contains 100 rats. Of that 100 rats, 90 consumed rat bait, leaving 10 adult rats active. Remember, rats multiply quickly! A female rat can begin mating at five weeks of age. And, female rats, on average, can have up to 6 litters a year, each consisting of 12 to 15 pups—now that’s a lot of rats. 

So, within a few weeks, the rodent population within that colony increases. And, this is what we refer to as the rebound effect!

So, how does ContraPest address this issue? 

As mentioned above, the ContraPest formulation takes a preventative approach. By inhibiting different stages of the estrus cycle and sperm maturation, ContraPest prevents rats from producing pups. 

It is a long-term solution that allows homeowners to keep their local rodent numbers in check!

#3. This Birth Control for Rats Reduced Bait Aversion

Rats are pretty shy creatures; when introduced to a new food source, they only try or take a little to determine its safety. 

Rats are also intelligent little creatures. If they associate a food source with a negative experience, their chances of going back for seconds decrease immensely. This is what we describe as bait aversion, and it’s one of the reasons why rat poison isn’t necessarily the best method of rodent control.

So, what makes natural rat birth control so effective? First, this method of natural rodent control takes a more proactive approach rather a reactive one. 

The ContraPest fertility control is a sweet liquid formulation that attracts rats and keeps them interested in the product. And, gradual consumption of the ContraPest rat birth control formulation can reduce the fertility of both male and female rats.

This sweet formulation causes no direct ill-effects to the rats, i.e., death. And that’s great because we actively prevent bait aversion and thus continue the process of reducing the local rodent population.

Rodent Control in Seattle Just Got Easier!

Rodent control is now easier than ever before! Our Parker Eco Pest Control team ensures home, and business owners across Seattle get access to the ContraPest rodent fertility formulation.

So, talk to us today to learn more about how ContraPest rat birth control can benefit you. 

Coming soon! ContraPest Rat Birth Control

Rat birth control has been on the market for several years but pest control professionals have struggled to figure out how to offer it to customers. After running a seven month trial we’ve become believers! Our test site saw a 91% reduction in the rodent population in seven months. It was an incredible result.

Parker Eco Pest Control will begin offering ContraPest birth control to customers in the Seattle area in April 2022. Every month a technician will re-inspect and replace the tank(s) of liquid bait. You can learn more on our rat birth control FAQ page.

One of the most interesting aspects of ContraPest is how incredibly delicious the rodents find it. At times we would return to the tanks and find them completely destroyed. The rats would eat the tank itself to get every last drop of the liquid!

The white tank has been eaten by rodents who ran out of ContraPest!

If you’d like us to reach out in April when ContraPest is available please fill out the form below. Thanks for making an effort to go poison-free!

Have you Heard About the Dreaded Carpet Beetle? 

Got a carpet beetle infestation in Seattle? You’d be surprised; they’re pretty common in Seattle. It’s time to get rid of carpet beetles for good. Talk to us, your local pest control exterminators for more tips and tricks about carpet beetles.

Parker Eco Pest Control: Carpet Beetle Infestation in Seattle.

carpet beetle infestation in a Seattle home.

Larvae (immature) carpet beetles thrive on natural material materials, including pet fur, clothing, and wood. There are many species of carpet beetles across Seattle, but it seems like the most common one is the furniture carpet beetle. Although the biology of these little critters is fascinating, they can ingest and dissolve keratin-based material, which includes animal skin and hair. But, it doesn’t stop there! The larvae of some carpet beetles can consume other cloth fibers like silk, cotton, and rayon. 

So, how do carpet beetles and their pesky larvae damage your home? They tend to eat through fibers, and this can often appear as holes through linens, sheets, rugs, and more.

Dealing with a Carpet Beetle Infestation in Seattle

Carpet beetles can be tricky to deal with as they can thrive in the most obscure of areas. Not only that, it can be pretty tricky identifying what the primary food sources are for these pesky critters. So, when it comes to getting rid of carpet beetles from your Seattle home, we recommend reaching out to a professional pest control service provider. 

Here at Parker Eco Pest Control, we make dealing with a carpet beetle infestation straightforward. During the initial visit, our pest control technician will inspect your property identifying the degree of the infestation, the species involved, and, if possible, the source of the infestation. 

Due to the nature of the infestation, some pest control technicians may opt to use mild insecticides like boric acid to eliminate and control the infestation. Insect foggers can be used in addition to other tactics to reduce adult beetle infestation.

If your Seattle home has a carpet beetle infestation, then talk to us today to learn more about eliminating, controlling, and preventing carpet beetle infestations in Seattle. 

Organic Pest Control: Getting Rid of Carpet Beetles Naturally. 

We have a few options available if you’re looking at organic pest control methods for dealing with carpet beetles. For mild infestations, Seattle homeowners can use natural pest control tactics that can deter carpet beetles and their larvae.

Powerful & potent DIY bug repellent spray: using a combination of peppermint, clove oil, and citronella—diluted in water. You can create your beetle repellent spray, reducing the infestation.

Spring cleaning, mothballs, and more...during the springtime we recommend washing your linens and storing clothing with hot water and detergent as this will kill any larvae or eggs. Mothballs and cedarwood placed in close proximity to stored clothes can prevent larvae infestation.

Preventing Future Carpet Beetle Infestations 

If you’ve dealt with a carpet beetle infestation in a Seattle home, then it’s time to start thinking about taking preventive measures.

Sometimes the best way to deal with a pest is to prevent them in the first place. For example, carpet beetle infestations seem to occur around spring! So, the best way to prevent them from getting into your home is by applying insecticides around the perimeter of your home.

During spring, we recommended washing linens, pillows, and in fact, any clothing with a solution of hot water and washing detergent—a sure way to eliminate any carpet beetle larvae. Finally, we recommend placing a strip of cedarwood or mothball in an area where you would store away sheets and linens. 

Reach out to us today to learn more about preventing carpet beetle infestations.

Finding the Best Pest Control in Everett

If you’re looking for the best pest control in Everett, you’ve come to the right place!

Ants, spiders, wasps, rodents, and more! Whatever infestation you may face, our team of professional pest control exterminators is here to handle the job. We are a professional-licensed pest-control in Seattle, who provides the best pest control services in Everett, Seattle, Marysville, and more! 

 Natural and Effective Rodent Control 

Did you know that rats and mice are some of the most common pests infesting homes in Washington. These cheeky rodents can do quite a lot of damage to the insulation in your crawlspace and attic. Not to mention, they’re a hazard to human and pet health.

We’ve got the skills and expertise you need when it comes to rodent control. Our Everett pest control team utilizes a dynamic, holistic approach to control and prevent rodent infestations in a home. We provide natural rodent control options in Everett, and we also offer attic and crawl space cleaning services at an affordable cost. 

Everett Pest Control Services: Ants Exterminators 

If you’re looking for some top-notch ant exterminators in Everett, then look no further! A few ants trailing across your home is often an indication of a bigger problem. We at Parker Eco Pest control utilize safe, effective, and natural methods for extermination! 

Talk to us, your local pest control pro, to learn more about ant control in Everett. 

Pest Control Everett: Wildlife Control, Wasp Removal, and More!

Wasp nest removal

Ground wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets—these stinging insects are not only a nuisance but also a safety concern. When it comes to stinging insects, we never recommend dealing with them on your own. The Parker Eco Pest Control Everett team will provide a wide range of services to clients across Everett, Washington, from ground wasps to hornets. We can safely and effectively offer wasp removal services throughout Everett. 

Check out more about how we approach wasp removal with our clients.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Looking for the best commercial pest control services in Everett can be tricky and expensive! But, it doesn’t have to be.

Rats, mice, stinging insects, and more! We can handle it all. Our Everett pest control service team provides commercial pest control options for commercial and family-owned businesses, including schools, restaurants, warehouses, and retail spaces. 

Dealing with pests never got easier! Reach out to us to learn more about the best pest control company in the Everett area. 

How to Get Rid of Flies Quickly

If you’re trying to keep flies away from home using a natural fly repellent, then you’ve come to the right place. In this special post, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks homeowners can use to get rid of flies naturally. 

Flies in House: Here’s Some Natural Fly Repellent

We all know that flies love stinky stuff, especially organic material like compost and rotting food. But, did you know that certain scents fly simply detest! 

  • Cloves: Sweet and spicy cloves are another great way to keep flies away from home. For this trick to work, you’ll need to poke about 20 to 25 cloves into a sweet ripe fruit—apples and pears work great!
  • Citronella candles: For decades, citronella candles have proven to be quite effective at deterring flies and mosquitos alike. The sweet and fresh aroma emitted by these candles can keep mosquitos and flies away at a distance of 1 to 2 meters. 
  • Citrus: You can make your natural fly repellent using these fresh citrus-smelling scents. Combine essential oils from lemongrass, eucalyptus, and lavender in a spray bottle and mix thoroughly. Spray across the home, including the kitchen bench, garbage bins, and windows.

How to Keep Flies Away from the Home

Keeping flies away from home—and outside—can be easy because it all comes down to prevention. Yes, that’s correct; perhaps the best and most effective.’ natural fly repellent’ is prevention. So, what exactly does this entail?

When it comes to getting rid of flies from home, the first thing you need to do is eliminate sources of attraction. This can include:

  • ensuring no food is kept out and in the open in the kitchen or other home areas. 
  • Placing your garbage in a can with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Keeping garbage and/or compost as far away from the main home. 
  • Cleaning up your backyard, i.e., regularly cleaning dog and cat feces from the backyard. 

The DIY Fly Trap: How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies


If you’re looking for a safe, all-natural pest control trap for flies, then look no further. This simple DIY fly trap is undoubtedly a favorite among most homeowners struggling with fruit fly infestations. So, how do you do it?

Step 1: Pour 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar into a shallow dish or mason jar. 

Step 2: Add 2 to 4 drops of dishwashing liquid to the apple cider vinegar solution. For optimum efficiency, we recommend using fruit-scented dish soap.

Step 3: Seal the jar with either the lid or some soft-plastic wrap (saran wrap) and make a few puncture holes. The small holes will allow the flies to enter the jar quickly. But, don’t worry, they’ll struggle to escape. 

If you’re looking to get a little greener, consider using venus fly traps! Place these carnivorous plants around problem areas like kitchen benches or window sills and watch the fly population diminish.

Getting Rid of Flies Naturally: Talk to Us Today 

Homeowners who struggle with an ongoing pest problem, i.e., rat infestation or possum infestation, may struggle to get rid of flies around the home. Rat feces, urine, and carcasses are all elements that attract flies. And, so it’s essential to address any underlying pest problem.

If you’re struggling to keep flies away or if you’ve got a rodent infestation, then it’s time to call our team of professional pest exterminators. Talk to us today to learn more about natural pest-control services in Seattle. 

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