If you’re looking for natural rodent control remedies, look no further. Today, we’ll cover the 3 most common and most effective ways to deal with rodent infestations naturally and safely. 

What Does Natural Rodent Control Mean?

Every pest control company defines natural rodent control a little differently. At Parker Eco Pest Control, we believe that natural pest control must incorporate eco-friendly and ethical strategies to deal with pests of all species. 

Eco-friendly pest control can be defined as:

  • Using products safe for the environment and surrounding wildlife. 
  • Using pest control strategies that work on preventing problems. 
  • Utilizing nature to help deal with unwanted pests.

So, let’s get to the chase, and let’s talk about the 3 must-try natural rodent control remedies you should consider when dealing with a rat infestation in Seattle. 

#1. Rat Birth Control – A Natural Way to Control Rodents in the Neighborhood.

Rat birth control: The long-term solution to decreasing a rodent infestation

It doesn’t matter how many rats you kill with rat bait! At the end of the day, a colony consists of up to a few hundred rats, and it only takes two breeding pairs for the population to flourish. 

This is why we’ve introduced ContraPest rat birth control – Yes, that’s a thing!

Rat birth control comes in a palatable liquid formulation making it a tasty treat for our furry critters. When consumed over a short period, males and females lose their fertility, decreasing their reproduction ability. 

The overall effect: A decrease in the rodent population within your area in a few months. Now, that’s the long-term solution to your problem. 

#2.  Owl Boxes – The Eco-Friendly Pest Control Option. 

Barn owls in Seattle love to prey on rats and mice. It’s a natural rat repellent!

Another popular natural rodent control strategy used amongst the residents of Seattle includes owl boxes. 

Here your natural pest control service provider installs owl boxes or homes at a particular height to increase the owl population in your area.

So, what are the benefits of using owl boxes to control rodents:

  • You introduce a natural predator to keep the rodent population down. 
  • Owls do more than just deal with rats and mice! They can prey on other pests in the area, including various insects and ground moles. 
  • Natural rodent repellent: It’s the all-natural rat repellent you need! Rats and mice learn quickly about predators in the area, so they’ll work to avoid that area. 

If you’re in the Seattle area, talk to the Parker Eco Pest Control team to learn more about using owl boxes to control rats and mice.

#.3  Rat Proof your Home. 

There’s no doubt about it! If you want to get rid of rats from your home, then you’ve got to rat-proof it. 

So, how do you prevent rats from getting into your home? First, it’s important to consider contacting a professional in the field of natural pest control. Professional pest control service providers can help you:

  • Identify & seal potential entry points on the exterior of your home. 
  • Identify the things that keep attracting rats and mice to your home.
  • Help you secure your crawl space and attics from rats and mice. 

Eco-Friendly Rodent Control in Seattle is Just a Call Away.

Natural Rodent Control Seattle

We, the Parker’s, know a thing or two about natural rodent control remedies! In fact, you could call us experts at it. So, talk to us today to learn more about eco-friendly rodent control in Seattle.