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If you’re looking for the best pest control in Marietta-Alderwood then look no further! The team at Parker Eco Pest Control is here to provide you with eco-friendly pest control solutions throughout Marietta-Alderwood and nearby Whatcom County towns

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Whether it’s natural ant control, poison-free rodent control, or wasp removal, it’s not uncommon to find pesky pests roaming around city properties, and a city like Marietta-Alderwood is not excused. Once issues have made their way into your house, getting rid of them may be difficult.

It may be challenging to eliminate as much of a mess as they create. It’s a good thing that effective insect treatment is available.

If you’re having some trouble with pests, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover how we can help you!

Why Be Concerned About Pests And Rodents In Marietta-Alderwood?

According to the Whatcom County website:

Animal Exposure

Some animals like bats and rodents carry diseases that affect humans. Learn how to protect yourself and what to do if you think you’ve been exposed to disease from an animal.

  1. Bats & Rabies
  2. Insect Bites Insects can be a nuisance and may transmit disease. Not all insects carry disease but may be a nuisance. Prevention of insect bites is important for reducing the risk of disease transmission. Integrated Pest Management is a good way to prevent insect infestations. A licensed pest control agency may be needed to help control some infestations.
  3. Rodents Rodents can be a nuisance and cause health risks. Rodents may cause damage and can carry diseases. Rodents may also carry fleas or ticks that may transmit disease. It is important to seal up places rodents may enter and remove their access to food, water, and shelter.

Find the Best Pest Control in Marietta-Alderwood

parker eco pest control office and truck at new office in Bellingham Washington
Parker Eco Pest Control office which will serve Marietta-Alderwood

Try checking out Parker Eco Pest Control if you’re looking for the best pest control that can satisfy your needs and stick to your budget. 

We offer cost-effective, customized pest management plans and eco-friendly pest control solutions.

In addition, eco-friendly pest control has the edge over regular pest controls because it is less toxic for living creatures and the environment. Who wouldn’t want that?

What is Eco-Friendly Pest Control?

Traditional pesticides are potent and often are composed of many toxic chemicals. In addition to posing health risks, they may also be harmful to other animals in the home.

Some of the hazardous side effects of pesticides may also harm the plants or animals in your home.

Sustainable, eco-friendly pest control uses various physical, chemical, and other pest control methods. This procedure lessens the threat of toxicity to species that aren’t meant to be affected.

Eco-Friendly Rodent Control

When facing a rodent infestation, we typically want them instantly removed. Rat infestations are usually the answer to this problem, although they are not the best long-term and environmentally friendly solution.

Many homeowners in Marietta-Alderwood are switching to a more humane approach to rodent control as more individuals grow aware of the adverse effects of rat poison.

Poison-free rodent control choices are available nowadays for risk-free and environmentally responsible mouse eradication.

We Now Offer Natural Rodent Control in Marietta-Alderwood

live rat traps, pest control near me

Good news – we now offer natural rodent control! Long gone are the days when toxic chemicals and solutions are the go-to for any pest management problems.

Their teams provide a range of natural rodent control options. You can contact them to inquire about these various methods if you want to be sure.

Marietta-Alderwood Organic Insect Exterminators

Although insects play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy environment, you may discover that some of them have taken a liking to your house. Indeed, this may become a significant issue.

Insect pest control may be accomplished via several different approaches. Techniques for reducing insect populations may generally be grouped into four broad categories: physical power, mechanical control, biological control, and chemical control.

However, not all can be used or are suited for your needs. You might need a more sustainable solution while delivering a custom pest control plan.

Safe and Effective Wasp & Hornet Removal

Some hornet and wasp species are aggressive and fiercely guard their nests. The safest action is to prevent nests from developing and remove them when they set up habitation too close to your home.

Using natural and organic insect extermination methods can make this even safer. If you’re unfamiliar with what you’re doing, it’s always best to call a professional for help.

We know precisely what to do and how to do it most securely for you and your loved ones.

Here is an article from November 2022 about Whatcom County hornets: Learn More

Parker Eco Pest Control: Your Solution to Natural Pest Control

If it hasn’t already been made apparent, Parker Eco Pest Control is your solution to natural pest control. Biological pest control has several advantages for you and your environment.

Aside from this, we offer low-cost and customized services just for you! So, if you’re looking for someone to get rid of your pest problem in Marietta-Alderwood, Washington, go ahead and contact us today to find out more!

Parker Eco Pest Control | Natural Solutions to your Pest Problems

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We offer affordable, custom, eco-friendly, and organic pest control services; and we also use various methods to eradicate pests.

These methods are not limited to chemical and physical pest control. Parker Eco Pest Control can sustainably and safely get rid of any rodent or insect infestations through a process that won’t harm any living organisms in your home. 

As mentioned above, we will cater to what you need and only give you what you need, nothing less, nothing more.

Other Marietta-Alderwood-Related Pest News

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Mention about garbage storing from the Whatcom County website:

4. What are the requirements for storing garbage?Garbage must be stored in a rigid, durable container with a tight fitting lid. This type of container prevents rodents and insects from getting into the garbage and potentially spreading diseases to your neighbors.