We just found a YouTube video uploaded in the fall of 2022 showing rats rummaging through garbage left outside a dumpster on a commercial property in Everett.

Everett Washington rats – YouTube

Rodent Control In Everett And Elsewhere In Washington State

The video we found is just an example of concerns which a property manager might experience regarding rats, mice and other pests. Some of the concerns might include:

  • Local health code violations for restaurants
  • Local ordinance violations for commercial and residential property managers, including apartments
  • Risk of negative reviews from customers and even litigation risks if a customer or tenant receives a rodent bite
  • Health risks due to rodent droppings
  • Risk of a massive increase in rodents reproducing if not addressed early
  • Many other risks

Here is a video example of one of our inspections, which is a part of our overall rodent control services:

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