After thorough vetting and testing, Parker Eco Pest Control is excited to be an official Seattle area distributor/installer of the A24 Rat & Mouse Trap from Goodnature.

  • Automatic self-resetting. Ingenious design that kills 24 rats or mice before needing a replacement gas canister.
  • Poison-free. The trap is baited with peanut butter or a commercially available lure bottle—both are completely non-toxic.
  • Safe around pets. Unless you have a pet rat.
  • Humane. Certified humane — rats and mice are killed instantly.
  • Measurable. Tracks kills with the built in counter
  • Easy to maintain. Maintenance is free for our Quarterly Service Plan customers. Otherwise, buy CO2 cannisters online and rebait with peanut butter every 24 kills or 6 months—whichever is sooner.

How does the A24 Rat Trap work?

A24 kill and scavenge process

The trap lures rodents to stick their head up into the kill zone, triggering the piston. The piston retracts and resets for the next kill. The carcass is scavenged by local wildlife. After some trial and error, we found that chunky peanut butter is the best bait. We find that the carcasses are scavenged almost 100% of the time, even when rodents are being killed every other day.

How much does installation cost in Seattle?

The trap and installation fee together cost $229 + tax. We serve the I5 corridor from Seattle to Everett and parts of the Eastside. If we don’t serve your area we’re happy to help consult on placement over the phone.

Where to install the A24 Rat Trap?

A secluded spot with good cover is key to success. We’ll help you locate the best place on your property but generally you’re looking for an area where rodents feel safe eating. If you don’t have a spot with good cover, make one. Simply leaning a piece of plywood against the fence will create a hidden area and increase your kill rate. The one exception to this rule is in areas with very large infestations. When the populations explode, rodents compete for food and become more daring, making open-air placements acceptable.

Is the kill counter worth it?

Absolutely. In fact, we only sell the model with the kill counter because…

  • You can’t confirm that the trap is well placed without counting kills
  • Tracking kills helps you replace the CO2 cartridge in a timely manner
  • If you’ve been cited by the Public Health Department it’s very compelling to report the kill count as evidence that you’re solving the issue
  • Over time you will see the average kills-per-day decrease, indicating that the surrounding population is also decreasing

Why is rat poison so bad?

Rodenticide, commonly known as rat poison, impacts the environment in rural and urban areas alike. Neighborhood cats, owls, and raccoons that eat enough rodents can be poisoned and die if not seen by a vet.

Graphics courtesy of the National Parks Service