A few weeks ago, the Tri-City Herald published an article titled “Here are the good and bad bugs to keep an eye out for this spring in eastern Washington“. In that article, it quoted an entomologist and professor at Washington State University regarding the kinds of insects which may or may not cause potential harm on your property.

The majority of insects you’ll encounter around Tri-Cities are harmless and nothing to be concerned about, according to Richard Zack with WSU’s entomology program. “Of the many, many, many types of insects out there, most either cause no problem or are beneficial,” Zack said in an interview. “I encourage people to look at them more as friends than as enemies.”

Most commonly, Zack says Tri-Citians can expect to see increased spider, ant, bee, yellow jacket and other wasp occurrences near homes. Generally, they’re looking for places to make a nest and are not intentionally wandering inside houses. Zack also noted gnat activity will usually go up around this time of year, and stink bugs have become more prevalent recently.

The only potential danger in that list is from yellow jackets and other wasps, as they are stinging bugs, should they set up camp near your home and grow a decent-sized colony. This just increases the possibility of a stinging incident, which can be especially concerning in homes where there are often children around.


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