We know Seattle for coffee, Microsoft, and rain, to name a few. But lately, Rats in Seattle have raised an alarming concern. Yes, our city has become overrun with these pesky rodents, which are showing up in homes and businesses throughout the area.

If you want to avoid being one of the unlucky people dealing with rodent infestation this winter, it’s time to take action. 

Here, we will discuss three reasons you need Parker Eco Pest Control for your Seattle home or business!

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Does Seattle Have a Rat Problem?

Yes, the Rats in Seattle are a great menace. The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s investigation into this issue revealed that Seattle has the highest concentration of rats in any American metropolis.

That implies we even have more rats per person than the city of New York! We do not limit our rat problem to Seattle’s city limits either. It covers a substantial portion of the greater Seattle area, including towns like Auburn, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Redmond, Everett, and more.

Let’s look at what Parker Eco Pest Control discovered concerning the above.

Seattle’s History with Rats

Rats in Seattle have been a problem for decades. It all started with the sailing ships that explored Puget Sound. 

Then, as ships brought in more residents and their supplies, more rats and mice started showing up in Seattle and other regional seaports, including Tacoma, Everett, Port Townsend, and Bellingham.

Most recently, reports of rat infestations have become even more common throughout King County. In fact, Seattle is an ideal habitat for rats because of the high population density and mild climate of the Pacific Northwest.

Rat and Mice Infestations Are Common in Washington State.

roof rat in seattle home

Whether you live in Seattle or one of the nearby towns, chances are, Rats have affected your home because of their infestations that can be found all over Washington State. 

And if left untreated, they could eventually cause serious structural damage to your property. The damage of rats vs mice may be equally the same.

But first, let’s find out how to keep your home rat free.

How to Prevent Rats from Making Your House Their Home?

The best way to protect your home from rat infestation is to contact Parker Eco Pest Control. We provide eco-friendly control services like owl box rodent control for homes and businesses in King County, Washington.

Our team of experienced technicians can quickly assess the situation and offer a customized plan that meets your needs and budget, like rodent traps

Depending on the size of your home, a one-time inspection for pest infestation on your property can cost between $99 and $250. Assessment and therapy for the first time may cost between $250 and 370 dollars.

With everyone concerned about the environment and the right to life, humane rodent trapping and rat birth control can be the best rodent control in Seattle unless you want nature to turn against you!

What are these types of rats in Seattle?

Types of Seattle Rats Explained!

Norway Rats:

The most prevalent species of rats in Seattle are Norway rats. They’re also sometimes referred to as brown rats or sewer rats. 

These critters are usually brown or grey and can grow up to 10 inches in body length. If you see a rat running around during the day, it’s probably a Norway rat – they’re most active at night. 

These rats love to live in sewers and other dark, damp places. But if there’s no food available, they’ll also venture into homes and businesses, searching for something to eat.

They are known to carry diseases, so getting rid of them as soon as possible is important if you spot one in your home or business. 

Calling a seasoned exterminator from Parker Eco Pest Control is the most effective approach to accomplish this. Best is our Benchmark in service delivery! 

Seattle Rats:

As their name implies, Seattle rats are native to our great city. They’re also sometimes called tree rats or black rats. Seattle rats are usually black or dark brown, unlike their Norway rat cousins. 

They’re smaller than Norway rats, too – usually only growing up to 16 inches long from nose to tail. 

Seattle rats like to live in trees (hence their name), but they will also build nests inside homes and businesses if they can find an opening. 

These rodents are good climbers, so we can often find them in attics and crawl spaces. They also form a good fraction of rats in Seattle.

Roof Rats in Seattle:

Roof rats got their name because they’re often found living on roofs. They’re also sometimes called ship rats or Alexandrinerats. 

These critters are usually black or dark brown with lighter-colored undersides and can grow up to 16 inches long from nose to tail.

Roof rats are good swimmers, so you might find them near water sources like lakes and rivers. 

If you have a roof rat problem, the best method for eliminating them is by calling a professional exterminator. Unfortunately, do-it-yourself methods like traps and poison rarely work very well on these rodents because they’re so good at avoiding them. 

If you see a rat running around your home or business, don’t panic! There’s a good chance it’s one of the three most common types of rats found in Seattle – a Norway rat, a Seattle rat, or a roof rat.

Now that you know more about these furry critters, you can get rid of good by calling us. But don’t wait – the sooner you take action, the better!

3 Reasons You Need Rodent Control in Seattle

If you live in Seattle, chances are you’ve seen a rat or two scurrying around. And while some people are indifferent to rodents, others are terrified.

But whether you love or hate them, one thing’s for sure: rats are not something you want in your home. Here are three reasons you need rodent control in Seattle.

Rats Carry Diseases

Rats carry diseases that can harm humans, including Salmonella and Leptospirosis. So while you may not get sick from just seeing a rat, if one were to die in your home, it would release the diseases it carried into the air, putting you and your family at risk.

Rats Attract Other Pests.

Rats are often associated with other pests, such as cockroaches and fleas. So, if you have rats in your home, you’ll also have cockroaches and fleas.

Rats Damage Your Property.

Aside from carrying diseases and attracting pests, rats can also damage your property. They gnaw on wires and pipes, causing fires and flooding. 

They tear up insulation and drywall. All of this damage can cost you money in repairs.

Parker Eco Pest Control| We Provide the Best Pest Control throughout King County, Washington.

Rats may be cute to some people, but they’re not something you want scurrying around your home. 

If you have rats in your home, call a pest control company like Parker Eco Pest immediately to get rid of them before they cause any more damage.

Final Whistle!

At Parker Eco Pest Control, we pride ourselves on the best rodent control in King County, Washington. Talk to us about the natural rodent control in Seattle and get your home back to a rat-free state!