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Keep Your Restaurant Free of Pests – Get the Best Pest Control for Restaurants in Seattle Now!

If you’re looking for the best pest control for restaurants then look no further! Pest control in restaurants is an important part of keeping the restaurant clean and safe for customers. Parker Eco Pest Control is delighted to provide full-range pest control solutions to restaurants and hospitality services all over Seattle, and what makes us even better is that our services are 100% eco-friendly! So talk to us today to learn more about eco-friendly pest control services in Seattle, Washington.

Does a Restaurant Have to Have Pest Control?

rat in kitchen sink, pest control for restaurants

Maintaining pest control is a key factor for success in the restaurant business. Rodents, cockroaches, and flies are notorious for spreading disease, tainting food, and creating hazardous conditions for both staff and customers. Put your business on the fast track to success and make sure your restaurant is safe and sanitary by taking the necessary steps to prevent pests from infiltrating your space.

Professional pest control services can help pinpoint any potential pest issues, then put in place effective solutions to eradicate them. Moreover, regular inspections and treatments carried out by a trained expert can help to safeguard against any future infestations and preserve your business’s clean and hygienic reputation.

Parker Eco Pest Control – We Provide Integrative, Effective Pest Management to Restaurants Across Seattle

At Parker Eco Pest Control, we are passionate about providing the restaurants of Seattle, Washington with safe and effective pest control solutions. Our eco-friendly approach is the most desirable choice for businesses seeking to rid their premises of any unwelcome critters.

Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to using eco-friendly and sustainable solutions to tackle your commercial pest control needs. Working with us, you can rest assured knowing that your premises will be pest-free without any adverse effects on the environment.

Cost of Pest Control for Restaurants in Seattle?

We are thrilled to present our eco-friendly pest control plans tailored to your individual needs. Prices for restaurant pest control start at a low $159, with different rates and duration depending on your specific requirements. No matter the pest issue, we’ll never pressure you into a plan that you don’t need. Still, for certain pests, such as rats and mice, multiple visits are often necessary. To help make this more affordable, we offer discounts of up to 20% for quarterly service plans.

Talk to the team today to learn more about eco-pest treatment for restaurants in Seattle.

Signs of a Pest Infestation in Your Restaurant

picture of a restaurant kitchen with rodent infestation
Keep your restaurant rodent free with the best pest control in Seattle

Restaurants are a frequent target for pests, as they often provide access to food, water, and shelter. Common types of pests that infest restaurants include rodents such as mice and rats, which can spread disease and contaminate food.

Cockroaches are also common in restaurants, as they can live in even the most sanitary environments and can quickly spread bacteria and disease. Flies are another frequent pest in restaurants, as they can easily enter through open doors and windows and can contaminate food with their feces. Finally, ants are a common nuisance in restaurants as they often find their way indoors in search of food.

Restaurants are considered a prime target for pests, and it is important to be aware of the signs of a pest infestation. Common pests that can be found in restaurants include rodents, flies and flying insects, cockroaches, ants, birds, beetles and weevils.

Some signs to look out for include:

  • Droppings in particular are an obvious sign that a pest may be present.
  • Footprints are another indication and gnaw marks on furniture and equipment can indicate a rodent problem.
  • Damage to property and equipment.
  • Foul or unusual odors.
  • Nests in gutters can also be a sign, as well as tiny dried blood spots. Other evidence of nesting includes shredded paper, grass clippings, leaves and other materials.
  • Grease marks and grease tracks can signal a rodent infestation and physical damage to structures such as holes and gnaw marks is another indicator.

How to Find the Best Pest Control in Seattle

Finding the best pest control company can be a daunting task. There are many different companies to choose from, so it is important to take the time to do your research before making a decision.

There are many things to consider before hiring a company, such as their reputation, experience, and ability to handle different types of pests.

  • The first step is to do research on potential companies. Check out reviews online, ask friends and family for referrals, and contact the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the company.
  • You should also make sure the company is licensed and insured. Once you have narrowed down your list, you should contact each company to get an estimate and ask questions about their services and experience.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable with the company and their staff before making a decision. Taking the time to do this research will ensure that you find the best pest control company for your needs.

Food Service – Restaurant Pest Control in Seattle

At Parker Eco Pest Control, we understand the importance of having a clean and safe restaurant for customers. We are proud to offer 100% eco-friendly pest control solutions to restaurants and hospitality services in Seattle. Don’t wait; contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you with your pest control needs!

Ant control cost calculator: Apartments, condos, HOAs

Figuring out how much ant control costs for an apartment, condo, or homeowner’s association shouldn’t be hard. While it’s impossible to provide a firm bid without seeing the property, we’ve decided to share our basic quote formula with the world.

How to use the ant control cost calculator

Ongoing service or one-time treatment?

Some ants are polygenic, meaning they have multiple nests. It can be extremely difficult to solve an ant issue in a single visit to a multi-family building. We offer that option because it’s possible…but to be honest we usually require at least 2 visits. The first visit is the most expensive and takes the longest. Follow up visits are faster, easier, and less expensive. If your building gets ants every year it is probably less expensive and less of a pain to set up regular visits throughout the year. Deferring treatment can actually be more expensive than regular maintenance because we will charge more to get the issue back under control.

Treat all units, or only some?

Most pest control companies charge “by the door” or unit and assume that all units of a property should be treated. We believe that over applying pesticides is wasteful and potentially harmful. We’ll inspect all the units and advise which should be treated. You will be charged per unit, per visit. For example, we might treat 10 units on the first visit and only 5 on the next visit, saving you money.

Why use “ground floor” square footage?

We apply a perimeter spray around the exterior of the building’s ground floor
— basically anywhere that touches ground and ants can enter. It takes less time and fewer materials to apply a perimeter spray around a tall skinny building than a short and squat building.

Perimeter size matters for condos and apartments

Other factors that impact ant control cost

This calculator is a great starting point but it is not fool proof. Other factors that impact cost are:

  • Your location. Some areas like Ballard are ant hotbeds. That entire neighborhood is basically one giant ant nest and you will almost certainly need ongoing service.
  • The size and location of the ant nests. Ant nests outside the building are much easier to treat than nests inside the walls or foundation.
  • Cleanliness of the residents. As an apartment manager or HOA it can be frustrating when one unit or resident is the source of the issue. If they aren’t willing or able to put food in air-tight canisters and keep the apartment clean, you will have ongoing issues.

Are condos, apartments and HOAs priced the same?

Generally yes. We don’t distinguish between who owns the property or how it is managed when setting prices. One exception might be a property manager who has multiple buildings and is seeking bulk pricing on multiple properties.