We no longer offer mole service due to changes in Washington State law. The most common and most effective moles traps are now illegal although you can still find companies willing to offer that service. Here are a few tips for legal DIY mole control.

Caster oil

Apply caster oil granules to your lawn once a week for three weeks, then once a month thereafter. Tomcat Mole and Gopher Repellent Granules are safe, effective, and easy to apply with a hand-held spreader. The caster oil is absorbed into the soil which makes the grubs taste bad, driving moles elsewhere to look for food. For best results apply immediately after mowing. This method does not kill moles, it merely repels them.

Molecat Explosive Blast Trap

Yes, it really is explosive. The Molecat trap fires blank rounds into the ground, concussing the mole to death. We’ve decided not to sell or install this trap for liability reasons but there’s nothing stopping you from putting one in your yard. As always, read the entire label and think carefully about who might be in your yard before installing a trap.

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Skip the ultrasonic & vibration devices

Some products use scare tactics (vibration, ultrasonic devices, pinwheels, etc.), which are typically ineffective. Moles might be scared away for a short period of time but they soon learn that the device doesn’t pose a real threat.