This past December, the posted an article about the problem of rats affecting Seattle including the Northeast 43rd area. Here are some snippets from that article:

“Many rats had been living in this unmanaged planted strip that was installed by the city as a part of the bus and light rail improvements,” UDP executive director Don Blakeney wrote in an email.” 

“Containing the rodent population in the U-District requires cooperation on all fronts. Many historic buildings in the area are vulnerable to rodents because of holes in their exterior. Mice are able to fit into holes the width of a pencil and rats can chew and squeeze their way into a building with a hole as small as 1/4 inch in diameter.”

“The violation associated with insect, rodent, or animal presence is a blue violation, as opposed to a red critical violation with the highest risk of causing foodborne disease, and is worth 5 points. 120 or more red and blue points requires that the food establishment be shut down until they have fixed the issues, submitted a prevention plan to avoid future issues and received another inspection.

“Let’s say a rat runs across the kitchen floor when everything else they’ve done correctly, would that constitute a closure?” Bui said. “So that remains to be seen. You know it’s up to [an] individual, case to case basis. It’s up to us to make the final call.”

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