Smell a rodent in your crawl space or attic? Most Seattle insulation companies will insist on replacing all the insulation in your attic or crawl space. Our team doesn’t work on commission so their only incentive is giving you great crawl space cleaning advice.

Cleaning a Seattle crawl space with a vacuum

Cleaning & insulation services

In addition to trapping rats/mice and sealing off entry points, we offer three basic levels of cleaning service:

  • Refresh: Best for attics and crawl spaces with minor rodent damage. We’ll vacuum droppings, sanitize/deodorize, replace the vapor barrier if applicable, and replace sections of insulation as needed.
  • Remove: Best for dirt crawl spaces where rodents may tunnel back in. We’ll vacuum droppings, sanitize/deodorize, replace the vapor barrier, and remove the insulation. We don’t recommend reinsulating your crawl space unless you install a permanent rodent barrier.
  • Replace: Best for rodent-proofed attics and crawl spaces that are under-insulated or have heavy damage. We’ll remove all the insulation and droppings, sanitize/deodorize, air seal to stop drafts and heat loss, and re-insulate everything including air ducts and water lines.
poison free rodent cage


Some pest control techs are also certified for insulation. Please call M-F 8am-5pm so we can book the right tech.

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How much does crawl space cleaning cost?

Prices for crawl space and attic cleaning vary widely from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the size of the space, the degree of infestation, and ease of access for our crew. Having exterior access, standing room to work, and minimal rodent damage will all help us move quickly and keep costs down.

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