Did you know that Seattle is home to one of the most destructive species of ants? If you’re thinking about carpenter ants, then you’d be correct! We see carpenter ant damage across the Seattle metropolitan area, including Bellevue, Shoreline, and Snohomish. 

Carpenter Ant Damage: What Does it Look Like?

So, what does carpenter ant damage even look like?

Well, first, it’s essential to remember that carpenter ants love moist and rotting wood, so it’s not uncommon to see tunnels and holes in a humid area. So, generally, when we first spot carpenter ants in our home, it indicates a bigger problem. 

Signs of Carpenter Ants in House

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  1. You spot these little creatures in your home: Carpenter ants travel a great distance searching for food for their nest. When you first spot either a few carpenters ants within your home or a trail of them, then it’s a good indication of an infestation.
  2. You may hear them within walls or other wooden furniture: Carpenter ants don’t eat wood; rather, they borrow through creating a satellite nest. So, you may not see a carpenter ant, but homeowners often hear faint sounds of rustling within wooden beams and wooden furniture. 
  3. They leave evidence of their digging: One of the key signs of carpenter ants in a home is the mess they leave behind. If you notice sawdust trails in the wood of your furniture or buy your walls, then it’s a good indication of carpenter ant infestation. 

Carpenter ant damage can affect the structure and safety of your home. Unfortunately, exterminating these pesky creatures can be a tedious task; talk to us today to learn more about carpenter ant extermination in Seattle, WA.

DIY or Hire a Pro? Here’s How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ant damage can result in chronic structure changes to your home, which can cost quite a bit! In addition, carpenter ants hollow out wooden beams and baseboards, which can compromise the integrity and safety of a house. So when it comes to exterminating carpenter ants in Seattle, we highly recommend reaching out to a professional team of carpenter ant exterminators. 

Carpenter Ant Extermination Throughout Seattle and Washington, Eastside

The trick to eliminating carpenter ants from your home is to find and destroy the nest. Now, sometimes the nest may not be easily accessible, mainly if it’s within the walls. In cases such as these, we may recommend ongoing pest management to eliminate the nest and its workers slowly. 

At Parker Eco Pest Control, we approach carpenter ant damage and extermination organically. Our multi-step systematic approach is designed to eliminate the problem at hand and prevent future carpenter ant infestations from occurring. So, how do we do it?

  1. Our team of ant exterminators will first identify the pest species and devise the appropriate control measures. 
  2. We inspect your entire property! That’s right! We check every part of your home, interior, and exterior, to determine entry points and pheromone trails.
  3. Once a nest has been identified, we safely and effectively destroy it.
  4. To prevent further infestations, we apply an eco-friendly powder and/or spray around the perimeter of the nest and home. 
  5. We’ll recommend changes you can make to reduce attractants – prevention is the most eco-friendly type of pest control.