Washington is home to many species of spiders, most of which are considered beneficial because they prey on other nuisance pests. Although, during their mating season in late summer and early-fall they can become an abundant pest by weaving their webs around our homes.



for a one time treatment.
$50 for a follow up if needed within 45 days of the first treatment.


per quarter for our quarterly service.

How we control spiders

Physical tools

  • Knocking down webs around the home
  • Placing sticky traps inside the home
  • Remove hiding spots in and around the home

Chemical tools

When the use of chemical tools to control spiders is necessary we start with the least toxic pesticides and escalate as needed. Possible applications include:

  • Perimeter spray around outside the home.
  • Dispersing granules around the home.
  • Dust cracks and crevices inside the home.

We understand that some customers prefer the most eco-friendly solution possible. If you would prefer that no chemicals are used please note that more than one visit will almost certainly be necessary.

What you can do to control spiders

  • Make sure there are very little to no harborages in and around the house
  • Keeping a foot wide perimeter around your home clear of shrubs, garbage, lawn debris, woodpiles, etc.
  • Remove any standing water around the property to reduce the number of watering sites
  • Place sticky traps around your home near windows, corners, and other places spiders are typically found in your home
  • Remove existing webs