According to the US Census Seattle is one of the rattiest cities in the nation. The Pacific Northwest is home to two types of rats and a few different mice including the Norway Rat, The Black or Roof Rat, House Mice, and Deer Mice. These are the toughest nuisance pests to deal with because rats only needs ½” hole and mice only need ¼” hole to gain entry to a structure. Rats and mice are also disease transmitters and can carry Hantavirus and rat bite fever. Rats and mice are a growing problem in our area because they tend to live near humans. This means that as our population grows so does theirs.



for our 7 week plan.

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with our quarterly service.

We offer a 7 week plan because a mouse or rat problem cannot be solved with just one visit. The methods used in our 7 week plan are explained below. For stubborn rat and mouse problems (particularly when they are coming from a neighboring property that cannot be treated) we recommend our quarterly service plan.

How we control rats and mice

Our eco pest control approach

The best defense against rats and mice is a combination of exclusion methods (keeping them out) and setting traps.

  • We conduct an exterior inspection to see where they are getting in the structure.
  • We seal up any holes greater than ¼ inch with sealants, foam or other materials.
  • We remove anything that might be attracting them to your property and educate you on how to properly store things in your home to avoid attracting more rodents.
  • We place traps in appropriate places.
  • If your home is a good fit for an owl box we’ll gladly install one. A single owl can consume up to 12 rodents per night making them an ideal partner for eco friendly pest control.

Please note that there are some exclusion jobs we cannot safely attempt because we are not licensed contractors, but we can gladly refer one.

Why we DON’T use poisonous rodent baits

Most pest control companies rely on poisonous bait stations to kill rodents. These can be dangerous to children and pets if not placed and monitored properly.  Poisons also take a long time to kill the animals which means they can die in your walls. Lastly, the poison enters the food chain and can impact local cats, birds and other animals who eat the rodents.


The 7 week plan

After we’ve closed up entry holes and traps and bait stations are set, we will return within one week of the first visit to check the area and service the traps. After that, we will return every three weeks for six weeks. The plan includes a total of four visits.

In order to take complete control over rat or mice infestations, we recommend our quarterly service. This service protects your home against rats and mice, as well as ants, spiders, wasps, and more.

What you can do to control rats and mice

  • Keep clutter and garbage to a minimum. Rodents can nest in clothing, paper, and linens (just to name a few).
  • Keeping a foot wide perimeter around your home clear of shrubs, garbage, lawn debris, woodpiles, etc.
  • Removing any standing water around the property to reduce the number of watering sites.
  • Keeping pet food and other food sources in secured containers.