Moles are considered a very common nuisance pest in Washington. The new Washington law banning the use of traps to catch moles makes it even harder.

Moles are mammals that live in moist, fertile, highly organic soil in Washington and feed mostly on earthworms. They create networks of tunnels they use to look for their food. When creating these tunnels and nesting sites, they leave unsightly mounds of dirt in our yards and can damage landscaping.

Moles are active throughout the year and do not hibernate. During extremely wet, cold, or dry periods, moles generally are less active. Moles are generally anti-social but if a mole is removed from its network of tunnels, a neighboring mole often picks up residence in the existing tunnels.  While we cannot guarantee the prevention of new moles entering your yard, all our methods focus on making your yard less appealing to moles.



for three treatments over four weeks.
$75 for follow up visits.

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How we control moles

Due to Washington State laws banning the use of traps we do not kill moles. Poisons are usually ineffective because moles don’t eat them and even then, killing one mole will likely result in a new mole occupying the same tunnel system. All our methods repel and deter them. We’ll visit your property three times over four weeks to establish a treatment regimen. Our approach will vary depending on the type of soil, size of your property, amount of rainfall, and how often you water your lawn. After the first four weeks we’ll establish a regular treatment interval to fit your needs and budget.

Our eco pest control approach

  • By knocking down existing mounds, we can determine where the moles are most active.
  • We introduce beneficial microscopic organisms to your lawn to control the moles’ food supply.  They’re completely safe for your garden and comply with the USDA National Organic Program regulations.
  • We apply a non toxic repellent that drives moles away without killing them.

What you can do to control moles

  • Again, these are tricky pests to get rid of, which means there are lots of traps and poisons on the market. If you purchase an over the counter solution please read all labels and follow Washington State Laws.
  • Note that some products use scare tactics (vibration, ultrasonic devices, pinwheels, etc.), which are typically ineffective.