Moles are considered a very common nuisance pest in Washington. The new Washington law banning the use of traps to catch moles makes it even harder.

Moles are mammals that live in moist, fertile, highly organic soil in Washington and feed mostly on earthworms. They create networks of tunnels they use to look for their food. When creating these tunnels and nesting sites, they leave unsightly mounds of dirt in our yards and can damage landscaping.

Moles are active throughout the year and do not hibernate. During extremely wet, cold, or dry periods, moles generally are less active. Control programs are most effective in the Spring and Fall when mole activity is greatest.

Moles are considered highly anti-social, but if a mole is removed from its network of tunnels, a neighboring mole may pick up residence in the existing tunnels. Because of this, total eradication of moles is nearly impossible and we cannot guarantee the prevention of new moles from entering your yard.



for a one time treatment. $50 for a follow up if needed within 45 days of first treatment.

How we control moles

Physical tools

  • By knocking down existing mounds, we can determine where the moles are most active.
  • In effort to avoid chemicals we are currently training a mole dog. We’re happy to bring him along at no extra charge while he practices. Since Washington State made traditional lethal mole traps illegal, catching a mole with a dog remains one of the few legal methods for physically controlling moles.

Chemical tools

  • Moles spend most of their lives underground. As stated above, Washington State made traditional lethal mole traps illegal, which  leaves chemical poisons as the primary option for treatment.
  • Baits and repellents are generally effective at eliminating moles when placed underground.

What you can do to control moles

  • Again, these are tricky pests to get rid of, which means there are lots of traps and poisons on the market. If you purchase an over the counter solution please read all labels and follow Washington State Laws.
  • Note that some products use scare tactics (vibration, ultrasonic devices, pinwheels, etc.), which are typically ineffective.