Unlike some insects and animals we live with, cockroaches are always classified as pests because of their ability to transmit disease, such as salmonella. Washington state is home to four common cockroaches; the American Cockroach, German Cockroach, Brown Banded Cockroach, and the Oriental Cockroach. All stages in the cockroach’s lifecycle are nocturnal and prefer cracks and crevices for hiding during the day. If cockroaches are found scurrying around during the day, it may be an indicator of a potentially large infestation.

To gain control of cockroaches, the first step is always a deep cleaning and elimination of clutter from the target site. This is vital before any baiting, trapping or application occurs and is required by the customer before inspection. This allows for a complete interior inspection and elimination of hiding spots for future re-infestations.



for a one time treatment.
$50 for a follow up if needed within 45 days of the first treatment.


per quarter for our quarterly service.

How we control cockroaches

Physical tools

  • You must clean your home thoroughly before any other treatment can take place.
  • To the extent possible, we eliminate hiding places, food sources, and water sources.
  • We physically remove cockroaches found with vacuum or by hand.
  • We patch crack, crevices, doorways, kitchen cabinets, sinks, outlets, windows, etc.
  • We place traps to monitor the population.

Chemical tools

When the use of chemical tools to control cockroaches is involved, we start with the greenest/least toxic pesticides and escalate as needed. Depending on your situation, we will craft a custom solution involving some or all of the following tactics:

  • Baits have been found to be most effective because of their long residual life, targeted applications, have the least environmental contamination concern, and can be used in sensitive areas.
  • Residual sprays for temporary knockdown of the population.
  • Spot and crack and crevice treatment with wettable powders, or dusts.
  • Space sprays for their favorite hiding spots.

What you can do to control cockroaches

  • Cleanliness is key. Cockroaches require food and water sources to thrive so eliminating access to both will help significantly.